New Homework Policy!!

Due to an alarming amount of homework not being completed for the first three weeks of school, a new policy for homework is in effect beginning Monday.  Homework that is not completed completely (trying but being confused is fine for a question or two) will result in a phone call or email home that day.  Pink Slips were going out but not coming back.   Notes written in the planners were not working.  A new tactic must be tried.  Homework is something that will be a part of life through college.  The sooner the habit is formed the better.  

Book Reports Due September 26th

The first report is due in by the 26th but can be turned in any time before then.  There are 8 different options for this quarter.   Remember, you must read 25 and report on 20 books this year.  Click on Dave to the left or the Book Reports heading on top to check out your options.  

Emergency Care cards

The cards have been replaced by a paper to complete.  If you click the image it will take you to the link to print it so you can fill it out and send it in in the morning.  
Clicking the "Supply List" button or the picture will take you to a larger version.  The supplies to not have to be ready for the first day, it would help, but I understand the last minute notice.  Thank you!