Welcome to Sixth Grade!

​Welcome Back!
Dear Parents and Students,

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and welcome you to sixth grade at Eden Park. Our names are Mrs. (Jennifer) Farias and Mrs. (Christina) Bellisle. We are pleased and honored to be teaching your children in the sixth grade and we have many plans for guiding your children on their sixth grade learning journey.
We hope that you all enjoyed your summer and are excited about the start of another school year.We hope that this school year promises to be a valuable and enriching experience for your child.This year will be a year of learning and growth.In order to help your child transition into the sixth grade we have developed and included with this letter a list of student responsibilities and rules.We ask that you read and review these expectations with your child because we believe that these guidelines will help to ensure a successful and enjoyable school year. Also, as the sixth grade teachers, we are requiring that every student have their planners signed at the end of every week. This will be an effective tool for parent/teacher communication and will count as a homework assignment each week. 
We are asking that you please be sure to discuss with your child how important it is to come to school prepared and ready to learn.Be sure that he/she has paper, notebooks, pencil, pen, required texts and ALL assigned homework.This is crucial in maintaining a positive learning environment.
If you have any questions or would like to meet with either one of us please feel free to call the school at 270-8029 or send a note with your child.There will be updates posted on the Eden Park website which can found at cpsed.net then click on the Eden Park drop down box. We are looking forward to a positive and rewarding school year.

Mrs. Farias
Mrs. Bellisle

2015/2016 Supply List

Click the picture to the right or go to the Parent Section of my page for a list of the supplies needed for Room 8 or Room 12.  
Or you can click the picture on the left to go right to an Amazon.com version of the list.  All items are needed, but the choice of style is up to you.  

       Have a happy and safe vacation!                  Remember to keep in touch!

Click the picture to go to the Summer Learning Packets.  Do not forget to complete them!!  Students received a copy of this from school.  This link is just in case it gets lost.  Reading Packet is due by the 9th of September.  Math Packets are due on the first day of school.
Check this link if you have questions about the book you want to read being on the list.  
Book Reports are due every two weeks!  Remember, you must read 25 and report on 20 books this year.  Click on Dave to the left or the Book Reports heading on top to check out your options.